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Chat on the Plane between Passengers


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Start in the Lounge - Chat on the Plane

Offline Dating

Just Transform your Airline in to the best spot for Offline Dating, regardless of your internet connection. Enjoy yourself together via Airdates App, It’s simple to use and absolutely free.

Flight Mode + Wifi + Bluetooth

Switch on Airplane mode, turn on WiFi and Bluetooth, scan your fellow passengers for their preferences, connect your devices and enjoy your conversation.

Share with your friends

Enjoying your newly found connections? Share it with your friends and become an ambassador for AirDates and receive exclusive advantages.

Precise Geolocation

Enter your flight details prior to arriving at the Terminal. Scan your surroundings, update your preferences and connect to fellow passengers.

Chat During your Flight

You can chat in the Terminal with an Internet connection, as well as using multipeer offline connectivity during your flight to communicate with fellow passengers.

Set your Privacy

It is up to you, to set your preferences depending on your mood. You can be visible for your surroundings or remain hidden, while still being able to chat.

Enjoy Your Flights

Every traveller has experienced the boredom of Airports, ranging from check-in to boarding, while noticing interesting people in your surrounding The difficulty remain to make a lasting connection in the brief moment available to you in the process of getting to your destination. AirDates allows you to scan, connect and remain in contact with your fellow passengers.

  • Anybody in the Area ?
  • Start to Chat
  • Board your Flight, Turn ON : Flight Mode, Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Continue to Chat during the Flight

From Plane to Rooftop Party !

You made a connection during the flight, shared experiences and tips about the destination, making the flight enjoyable. How about sharing a taxi to your next location, having a drink or even going to a rooftop party in your city? Enjoy your connection, make new friends, share experiences… The possibilities with AirDates are endless!

Smart Dating App

The Only Inflight Dating App

Coolest Dating App

It’s Dating, It’s Chatting, It’s Disrupt.
You will love to use Airdates App, just because it is different , it is sexy and it is Urban. From London to any Party Spot, it is the
Must Have.


Dating is global - We are global- Internet Network is not.
We solve this problem, the first Dating App which works everywhere, even in the plane round around the world.
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OffLine Chatting

Direct Wifi or Bluetooth, Multipeer connectivity (up to 70 meters) bound up with your Chatting/Dating partner for NO cost and in total privacy. Airdates - The Only Inflight Dating App


From a necessity to a disrupt pleasure

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